Paul's fascination with photography was born through his love for graphic design. His first experiences with the medium were whilst studying art, design and multimedia at college. What was first utilised as a means of capturing material to aid his graphic design work, slowly developed into an an art form in it’s own right. 

Over time film eventually gave way to digital methods of photography. What was once a time consuming, expensive and often unpredictable medium gradually became more affordable and produced immediate results. For Paul this made experimenting with photography so much easier. 

His photographic work which is often self initiated is spawned from his natural curiosity of all things weird and wonderful. From bold landscapes or macro photography through to conceptually driven experiments involving skulls and paint; his work doesn't really fall into one single category. Instead its an ongoing exploration of what he finds interesting and inspiring at any given moment. 

Prints of his work are available to purchase by contacting Paul directly via his email or there are some alternative artworks available at Curioos.

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